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Ideas for your garden


Winter can be a tough time of year for nature, but you can make a difference to the wildlife around you.

The tips below show how you can give a helping hand.

  1. Give nature a home! Don’t clear away all those fallen leaves this autumn. Leaf piles make the ideal winter duvet for many small creatures.
  2. Help pondlife stay healthy in freezing temperatures. Float a tennis ball or melt a hole in frozen ponds. This allows movement in and out the water and is also a water source for wildlife.
  3. Undisturbed areas in your garden make cosy shelters for wildlife to hibernate. Compost heaps make a perfect home for frogs, toads and other animals. Remember don’t disturb them until hibernation time is over in spring
  4. Every now and then, give a helping hand to wildlife and make a small amount of food available in wintery weather
  5. Wildlife need water in winter too! Leaving a shallow dish of fresh water will benefit all garden wildlife


Kent Wildlife Trust run a fantastic garden award scheme with a difference.  It doesn't matter how big or small your space is, if you are taking steps to encourage wildlife into your garden, you can enter and receive expert advice from Kent Wildlife Trust's garden advisors.

The scheme is open to individual residents, schools, community groups etc  Why not find out more by visiting Wilder Gardens. You'll also find many tips on how to get started.


There are many ideas available to help you Go Green Go Wild in your garden.

Here are a few ideas to get you started

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