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Our Biodiversity Strategy

Our Biodiversity Strategy

Looking after the habitats and species in our local area is an important job for everyone in the borough, especially Maidstone Borough Council. Nature is vital to the quality of our lives and the functioning of our society and economy. We depend on it for clean air, food, climate regulation and flood prevention. Access to nature is key to our physical and mental health and wellbeing. How we care for our environment has both local and global consequences. A Biodiversity Strategy can guide us in tackling these issues.

Below is a summary of the Biodiversity Strategy

  • Take action to counter the continued loss of biodiversity at global and local scales.
  • Identifies and describes the current pressures on wildlife in the borough. These include development, pollution, the climate crisis, intensive agriculture and invasive non-native species.
  • The strategy highlights ways in which people can help to protect nature in Maidstone. This advice includes actions for Maidstone Borough Council, as well as local people and organisations. The latter takes the form of a Biodiversity Pledge. Local individuals, businesses, schools and groups can sign up to show their support for nature and commit to taking action. Information is provided as to where to go for advice and seek funding for biodiversity and conservation projects.
  • Priority habitats have been split into four overarching groups: woodland, grassland and agriculture, water and wetlands, and urban habitats.

Future planning

Recognising the size of challenge ahead and the need to put Maidstone residents at the forefront of this work, the group will request ideas from the public, parishes, community groups, businesses and other stakeholders to help understand the climate and ecological challenges facing everyone from across the borough – and come up with practical solutions.  It also agreed that expert witnesses will be interviewed to identify initiatives that could be implemented in and around Maidstone.